Thursday, September 07, 2006


am i going to make the painful decision to leave the friends, that i thought would be til old age, for the sake of not making them stand in a horrible position of being in the middle?

perhaps i should.. since some people will not be happy until they feel that i am without friends..

nevertheless, i have spent my last half of a semester very happily with them.. all the happiness has to end sometime anyway, right?

maybe now is the time when i'm having my attachment..

anyways, have been busy working.

the first 2 days were boring, but my work started coming in yesterday.

and have decided to immerse myself totally in work.

to clamp down the unhappiness that i'm forcing on myself for the time being.

to be a happier person.

i like my work.

although the stress is piling up, my work isn't.

i'm receiving orders and work from all 3 of the groups in the team, instead of the original 1.

some things might be difficult, but i like it, and is coming to loving it because i'm learning much more stuff.

maybe when my ethusiasm dies down, i will start to slack.. haha


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