Saturday, September 16, 2006

even if that one thing in my life fails now..

i will try to be fine..

i have really sensitive colleagues.. a couple of them..

they were able to sense the difference in me, in the first and second week..

i guess the third week will be another experience for them..

because i will BUG them for work to keep myself occupied..

i brought my tiny beanbag eeyore to work.. and victor&mckenzie is having fun with it..

victor jotted a little speech bubble that said "Please help victor spread this, thankyou!" and put my eeyore on the paper.. imagine the surprise i got in the morning when i saw it.. haha

mckenzie made my eeyore look suicidal by sitting it on up of the lcd ibm screen.. he said that i would probably be feeling like this when things are final..

and he's right.. but ok.. not that extreme.. i've gotten out of the phase in life that "suicide is the solution"



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